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Prince Valiant's Family Tree

This panel from a 1995 strip is a rare depiction of Prince Valiant and his entire family.
In it, Valiant and Aleta's son Galan is being presented by King Arthur with Uther Pendragon's sword for his "exemplary service in Cathay.

When King Aguar of Thule, ruler of what is now Norway, was driven from his throne by the usurper Sligon, the deposed monarch fled with his queen and 5-year-old son Prince Valiant to the wild fens of Britain. There Val waxed in wit and strength, became squire and friend to Sir Gawain and, through many feats of bravery, a knight of King Arthur's Round Table.

Through the medieval world of noble quests and derring-do, chivalry and tournaments, Prince Valiant has battled evil and injustice with the "Singing Sword," a blade twin to Arthur's legendary Excalibur, forged by the same wizard. Val later dedicated this great weapon to the cause of justice before the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem. As the years have passed, Val's contentment has grown. Since he first beheld the beautiful Aleta, gray-eyed Queen of the Misty Isles, he has been under her spell. He has married his fair lady, sharing both joy and heartache. They now have five children, two of whom are themselves married, and one of whom - the eldest, Prince Arn - is also a father.

Today Val remains a powerful knight and adviser to King Arthur, and a heroic father and grandfather.

King Aguar

Valiant's mother



Arn, married with Maeve

Karen, married with Vanni

Valeta, with Cormic




Aleta, Val's beautiful gray-eyed wife, is also the legendary Queen of the Misty Isles. Years before, Aleta cast a pleasant enchantment over the young Val, winning his heart forever. Intelligent, strong-willed, beautiful and courtly, Aleta has been an adored member of court and a heroic adventurer as well. She is Val's equal in every way.

Prince Arn, Maeve and Ingrid
Prince Arn is Prince Valiant and Aleta's first-born son. Worldly, adventurous and enthusiastic, Arn has more than earned his spurs, becoming almost as great an adventurer as his father. His beautiful wife, Maeve, is the also the daughter of Arthur's evil half-brother, Mordred. Ingrid is their daughter, and Val and Aleta's only grandchild.

Ill-adept at the pastimes of a warrior, Val's bookish son, Galan, seeks instead the life of a scholar.

Val and Aleta's youngest son was kidnapped at birth by the Emperor Justinian. Nathan was saved, and returned to his parents, thanks to the heroic efforts of his brother, Arn.

Karen and Valeta
Val and Aleta's twins, Karen and Valeta, are alike in looks only. Karen is carefree and fun-loving while Valeta is serious and moody. Karen became an Amazon in her late teens and later married Vanni, the son of the legendary Prester John. Valeta shares an occasional courtship with Cormac, a Druid priest.